Fleet Services In Kansas & Oklahoma

Maintaining a fleet demands precision and timely attention. Optimize your fleet's efficiency and uptime with our comprehensive services tailored to your vehicles' needs. Ensure your vehicles get the finest care, reflecting reliability in every journey. Let us elevate your fleet's performance to its pinnacle.

Diverse Truck Brands and Models at Seven Sons Truck & Trailer Repair

Regardless of your fleet's make or model, our experienced mechanics at Seven Sons offer specialized repair services that cater directly to your needs. We are proficient in servicing many truck brands such as Freightliner, Peterbilt, Hino, and many more. With our heads in with the latest industry innovations, we can offer top-quality solutions for your fleet.

We've got all bases covered, from intricate engine services to suspension, braking, and electrical system repairs. Our expertise extends to the specific demands of certain truck designs, like cab-over-engine structures and cutting-edge safety attributes. With Seven Sons, your fleet's welfare is our top priority.

Proactive Maintenance and Inspections for Sustained Fleet Efficiency

At Seven Sons Truck & Trailer Repair, we advocate for proactive maintenance as the bedrock for a dependable fleet. Our seasoned technicians conduct meticulous vehicle evaluations, spotting and rectifying potential problems before they escalate. This proactive approach extends your fleet's lifespan and minimizes sudden operational hitches.

Our maintenance checklist ranges from oil changes, fluid assessments, tire check-ups, and brake system upkeep. Comprehensive engine check-ups and tune-ins are part of our repertoire, ensuring your fleet's efficiency and environmental adherence. You invest in long-term fleet health and operational savings by opting for our maintenance services.

Areas We Service

Do you have a busy schedule? What about the inability to make it to our main locations? Worry not, Seven Sons offers 24/7 mobile services up to a 300-mile radius from our locations. Our services cover areas from our prominent locations in Olathe and Oklahoma City. We also have mobile and road services covering Topeka, Emporia, Harrisonville, Russellville, Wichita, Kansas City and Tulsa. Each with a coverage of a 300-mile radius from each location. We’ll arrive at your location as quickly and efficiently as possible with Seven Sons Trucking. 

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Looking for superior fleet management solutions? Drive into a future of uninterrupted operations with our unparalleled fleet services in Olathe, KS. Partner with Seven Sons Truck & Trailer Repair today, and let's steer your fleet toward excellence. Secure a hassle-free and dependable fleet experience now!

Our Additional Heavy-Duty Mechanic Services

At Seven Sons Truck & Trailer Repair, know your vehicle is in good hands with our state-of-the-art repair shops and heavy-duty mechanic team with the experience and expertise to get the job done right. With an arsenal of cutting-edge tools and a dedicated team, we promise unmatched repair solutions that stand the test of time and the road.